How to Get Rid of Your Scrap Car and Maximize Profit in Ontario

Bunch of scrap vehicles picked up from our clients in Toronto and Oshawa

At some point in life, you might have an old car that you don’t use or don’t need anymore and it is simply parked in your driveway or garage taking up space. This is actually the time you consider what you can do to get the most money for your vehicle instead of letting it waste away. Most people will take cars like these and scrap them. There are a number of steps that you should take to help scrap your vehicle and make the most profit from it.

Today, we will be discussing the four simple steps to take to get rid of your scrap vehicle and get the most money for it.

1. Get your vehicle ready and remove your personal belongings from it

It’s important that you remove any personal belongings. Make sure to check all compartments in your vehicle including cup holders, door pockets, glove box and arm rest. Look under the seats and in between the rear seat and back rest. Don’t forget to check above your sun visors.

Check your trunk for any belongings, tools, or other important items that you might want to keep. Few items you might want to keep would be your snow brush, tire air compressor, or boosting cables.

2. Search for a scrap vehicle removal and recycling service provider

Using Google or any other search engine, search for a reputable Scrap Car Removal Service Provider. Make sure to check out their reviews to get as much information as possible about the company and its service. Once you settle on a company, you can move to the next step.

3. Request an offer for your scrap vehicle and schedule a pickup date

Once you find a reputable scrap car removal company, reach out to them and request an offer for your scrap vehicle. Many websites now offer this service online where you can request a quote for your scrap vehicle by simply filling out a short form. Make sure to include as much information as possible about your vehicle as this could help you get the most for your unwanted old car. Once you are happy with the offer, you can go ahead and schedule a pick up. Most scrap car removal companies in Toronto, Oshawa, Ajax, and surroundings offer free towing.

4. Sign the required documents, and get rewarded!

Prior to the arrival of the tow truck driver, make sure to check your vehicle for any personal items, valuables, documents, or money. Make sure to get everything out of the vehicle because if you leave anything in, it will be difficult, and almost impossible to retrieve it once the vehicle gets into the recycling facility.

Once the tow truck driver arrives, complete the required documents, sign the ownership and date it, hand it in and get paid! Most scrap car removal companies make the payment in cash!

Final words; the four steps above should help you get started with the process of scrapping your old vehicle and get the most cash value for it. If you have any questions, or you want to get rid of your scrap vehicle, feel free to contact us directly at (416) 900-9212 or get a quote online by filling out the form here.


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